White (Nationalist) Boy Summer (6/30/21) w/ Ben Lorber

White nationalist rhetoric is becoming more commonplace. A younger branch of the movement is gaining ground. Ben Lorber joins to break down the state of play.

White (Nationalist) Boy Summer (6/30/21) w/ Ben Lorber
White (Nationalist) Boy Summer (6/30/21) w/ Ben Lorber

Political Research Associates research analyst Ben Lorber joins SH!TPOST for a conversation about the status of white nationalist movements in the United States six months after President Joe Biden was sworn into office. This episode will explain a particular branch of white nationalism growing popular with younger conservative audiences and gaining footholds within the Republican Party.

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Read some of Ben’s writing at PRA: https://www.politicalresearch.org/bio/ben-lorber

Ben’s favorite things online right now: The “Blowback” podcast and @the.holistic.psychologist on Instagram

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