Where We Go One We Go Y'all (6/2/21) ft/ Steven Monacelli

Buckle up, partner! This Dallas-based independent journalist is taking us inside a QAnon-tied conference that featured speeches from powerful Republicans.

Where We Go One We Go Y'all (6/2/21) ft/ Steven Monacelli
Former national security adviser Michael Flynn stands with a QAnon-themed quilt as it is auctioned off to audience members at For God & Country Patriot Roundup in Dallas, Texas. It sold for $6,500. (Image Credit: Steven Monacelli / Twitter)
Where We Go One We Go Y'all (6/2/21) ft/ Steven Monacelli

Over Memorial Day weekend and deep in the heart of Texas, powerful MAGA political figures and QAnon believers joined together for a wild-west themed conference inside an event venue made to look like a cowboy town. Joining SH!TPOST is Protean Mag publisher and independent journalist Steven Monacelli, who spent time at the conference incognito.

Correction note from Steven: “I mentioned a salute done by Brace Belden that I erroneously described as a "Daesh" salute. That salute has broader and more general use in the Islamic world. It  was effectively hijacked by Daesh and I regret associating it with them as such.”

Follow Steven Monacelli: https://twitter.com/stevanzetti

Steven’s favorite thing online: Ken Klippenstein tricking prominent conservatives into wishing Lee Harvey Oswald a happy Memorial Day.

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