What Happens When You Hate

Turns out being racist as hell is bad for your life

What Happens When You Hate

First, I want to thank everyone who donated to the Morris Animal Refuge during our fundraiser. On Sunday night, I did the #OneChipChallenge with my friend Jordan Uhl and it was the worst I have ever felt from eating something. I cried. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Regrets always work
Excuses are better
A practical exchange
Or a trade for the truth

What Happens When You Hate

I wrote about a racist podcast host and activist who was identified as a former City University of New York adjunct professor last week. The original identification and confirmation came from the anarchist news blog It’s Going Down. He works as a hypnotherapist and he was employed by CUNY at one time to teach psychology. Things appear to have been going poorly for him since.

The white nationalist movement is a dangerous threat to our democracy and our minority communities’ immediate safety. It also has a tendency to destroy the people who are hateful enough to associate with it, which is why the movement devotes so many resources to attempting to sanitize itself. The people who participate in this movement generally tend to be dumb, and they undo themselves often.

Joshua Neil Dietz showed his face on camera and used a moniker on white nationalist podcasts that was nearly identical to his real name.

“Josh Neal” was Josh Neil Dietz.


Since the publication of It’s Going Down’s article, things have been turbulent inside the CUNY system, and professors are demanding answers from university leaders. Dietz has deleted most of his YouTube channel and has been messaging the hosts of other channels to have the content taken down. The band that Dietz played guitar in is having its gigs cancelled, and it has disavowed his ideology.

The hate movement in the United States varies in how it attempts to attract people to its rank and file, but the most recent wave of recruitment efforts were focused on converting edge-lord posters into bona fide hate activists. The bridge between ironic hate and real hate doesn’t take too long to cross, it turns out.

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Something to Watch

A string of events hosted by the conservative youth organization Turning Point USA and by right-wing news site The Daily Wire have been disrupted by far-right attendees, who show up and demand answers to questions related to their anti-Semitic, homophobic, and racist beliefs. The charge is being led by a podcaster named Nicholas Fuentes, who is a white nationalist and anti-Semite.

From our pals at the blog Angry White Men:

Fuentes and other white nationalists have been at war with mainstream conservatives — what they call “cuckservatives” or “Conservatism, Inc.” — because they promote policies that are too friendly to Israel and do not go far enough to restrict immigration. TPUSA, a conservative youth organization, is an ideal target, as white nationalists wish to siphon off young people into their movement.

This situation is still developing. Today, these far-right folks crashed an event TPUSA hosted with Donald Trump Jr.

Other Things:

  • Of course he did: Right-wing conspiracy theorist radio host Wayne Allyn Root has endorsed Laura Loomer’s congressional bid in Florida
  • Dinesh D’Souza cited concern about “nuclear winter” in the 1980s didn’t come to fruition (which is probably because we have not had a nuclear war since the concept was introduced) in order to deny climate change. He was ratioed.
  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw followed me online, for some reason. Hi, Dan.
  • Our friend Will Sommer has an excellent piece out about a former Obama staffer being severely harassed after being inaccurately identified as the whistleblower.
  • Andy Ngo spoke at the Heritage Foundation and it was predictably boring. The most interesting thing was that he doubled down on his support of a far-right troll who got a lot of media workers targeted for threats earlier this year.