The End is Neigh (9/1/21) ft/ Vera Bergengruen

Unvaccinated people are chasing miracle cures for Covid. The journey is taking some to their local livestock supply store.

The End is Neigh (9/1/21) ft/ Vera Bergengruen
The End is Neigh (9/1/21) ft/ Vera Bergengruen

Vera Bergengruen is a Washington correspondent for Time Magazine who joins the show to explain why some unvaccinated people are seeking out Ivermectin as a supposed shield against COVID-19. Demand for the drug has overwhelmed many pharmacies, leaving some so desperate in their hunt that they’ve bought and ingested horse paste and other livestock drugs that contain Ivermectin as an active ingredient. At least it’s apple flavored.

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Read Vera’s fantastic reporting: How 'America's Frontline Doctors' Sold Access to Bogus COVID-19 Treatments—and Left Patients in the Lurch

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