My latest for The Daily Beast

'It’s right in front of our faces, in a place called Truth.'

My latest for The Daily Beast

In my latest column for The Daily Beast, I argued that Donald Trump's most recent promotions of content from supporters of the false QAnon conspiracy theory should evaporate whatever plausible deniability anyone had afforded him about the relationship he has to his most conspiratorial followers.

You can read it here:

Trump’s Gone Full QAnon. There’s No Point in Denying It Anymore.

Being a man who values devotion to himself above all else, Trump surely appreciates an online community that imagines he is a kingly figure engaged in a clandestine battle against his perceived enemies. And even as broad swaths of the movement have evolved from cracking riddles left in one of the internet’s many cesspools, they continue to churn a steady flow of nonsense for Trump and his defenders to pluck and deploy in a smokescreen they hope will separate them from any semblance of accountability.

My column wouldn't have been possible without the work done by Media Matters senior researcher Alex Kaplan, the team at NewsGuard, and the many journalists across outlets who have chronicled Trump's love for his wildest supporters. I tried to include links to the best stuff in the column. I'd recommend clicking through some of those to learn more!