The Amazon Union Fight (3/25/21) ft/ Kim Kelly

Nearly 6,000 Amazon fulfilment center employees in Alabama are fighting for dignity on the job and better working conditions.

The Amazon Union Fight (3/25/21) ft/ Kim Kelly
Amazon Fulfillment Center in Baltimore, Maryland. (Credit: Joe Andrucyk via Flickr Commons)
The Amazon Union Fight (3/25/21) ft/ Kim Kelly

In Bessemer, Alabama, employees at an Amazon fulfilment center have been fighting to unionize their workplace, hoping to secure better working conditions and pay. If successful, the action will mark one of the largest labor victories of modern times and could inspire other of Amazon employees to take similar actions at their own workplaces. The fight is an existential one: labor versus a brutal, new tech-dominated economy.

Reporter Kim Kelly has been reporting from the ground in Alabama on the unionization effort and vote. She joins us during the show to contextualize and explain this historic event and its broader consequences.

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