Programing note 01-11-21

As you can guess I'm pretty busy right now

Programing note 01-11-21

Hi everyone,

Jared, here. As some of you may have assumed (correctly) I have been absurdly busy since the attack on the U.S. Capitol building last Wednesday. I have spoken to dozens of media outlets, published an early assessment, and have been working with state and federal investigators to bring justice against this assault on our democracy. For those reasons, the newsletter didn’t publish last week to paid subscribers. Here’s me on CNN:

Later this week, I hope to record and publish a podcast, perhaps the first in a short series, about what led up to, took place, and has happened since the attack against the U.S. government.

I apologize for the delay in release and for not following through on the promises made to paid supporters of this project. I’m not attempting to make an excuse, but rather to explain what happened.


Thank you for supporting this show and newsletter.