Merch? How do we feel about merch?

Imagine this: a coffee cup with the cuss-word podcast name on it

Merch? How do we feel about merch?

An online vendor that sells custom merch for online creators contacted me recently asking if I’d like to set up a little storefront to sell items like t-shirts and mugs with designs from the podcast on them. Doing this had never occurred to me before and it’s not something I ever imagined this show generating an audience for.

So, I’m turning it to you:

How do we feel about merch? Is there something you would be interested in ordering?

If you have thoughts to share, shoot me back an email me, DM me on Twitter, comment on this post, or get in touch some other way. To be perfectly honest with you, I would rather not go through the trouble of mocking up designs if there’s no interest, so I value your feedback even if it’s to tell me this idea is stupid.

And with that, I’m logging off for the weekend. I’ll catch you next week with a new episode of the podcast.