MAGA Masochism

The #MAGAChallenge unleashes a new wave of self-humiliation among Trump supporters online

MAGA Masochism

The internet is beginning to fill with videos of Trump supporters rapping in support of the president, and I figure you all are owed an explanation of sorts.

Bryson Gray, who raps under the moniker “B.Serious,” began challenging Trump supporters to rap their support about two months ago, and released an instrumental track to help get them started. Gray had experienced a viral moment among the right-wing press in the days prior to releasing the melody, which is produced by “white hot,” and had been lifted up by the Trump campaign’s content farm.

Filmed wearing a gigantic foam MAGA hat outside a Trump rally, these words sent Gray viral: “I have a lot of friends who tell me that I shouldn't support Donald Trump because I'm black, which is sort of insane because I can support whoever the hell I want. And then also they tell me that I shouldn't wear the MAGA hat, so I bought the biggest MAGA hat.” He’s been attempting to capitalize on that moment ever since.

Although the #MAGAChallenge has been around for months, the United States’ Commander in Chief announced today that those who participate could have a chance to perform it for him at the White House. (It should be noted that Trump does not have a great history of actually awarding its promised prizes.)

Aric Toler did the holy work of archiving a lot of what has happened since. I’ve also sifted through the pile and assembled what I think are my favorites. It should be noted that I am restraining myself here by not including absolutely everything, and that Trump tweeted this in the middle of the day on a Friday when most people are at work. That means that even more videos are bound to appear online throughout the weekend.

  1. “Spinning around my home office like a boss”
  1. Realizing that Melissa is recording this from the passenger seat while the vehicle is in motion, so someone was driving while this was going on and sat through what I assume had to have been multiple takes
  1. “Today it is really hard to be a teen”
  1. Whatever this is
  1. I am also confused by the process of imagining recording this
  1. This one gets points for being high effort
  1. This dude by far has the rawest swagger
  1. Bonus points for getting deep state conspiracy theories into this one