I-O-Wonk (2/3/20) ft/ Cari Hernandez & Jordan Uhl

I-O-Wonk (2/3/20) ft/ Cari Hernandez & Jordan Uhl
I-O-Wonk (2/3/20) ft/ Cari Hernandez & Jordan Uhl

Jared talks to Cari Hernandez and Jordan Uhl about the Iowa Caucus and what it can tell us about where online politics and real life politics do and don’t sync up. Also discussed: Jeff Bezos being awful, Baby Nut, and an investigative piece published on Right Wing Watch.

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Stories Referenced:

  • Hiding in Plain Sight: The White Nationalist Who Toiled Inside a Right-Wing Media Powerhouse (Right Wing Watch)
  • Twitter boots Planters’ Baby Nut meme accounts for violating its rules (The Verge)
  • Cars Outside Jeff Bezos' DC House Racked Up Nearly $17,000 in Parking Tickets During $12 Million Renovation (Gizmodo)
  • Washington Post Threatened Another Star Reporter Over His Tweets (The Daily Beast)