Corona Skeptics (8/3/20) w/ Minion Death Cult

Corona Skeptics (8/3/20) w/ Minion Death Cult
Corona Skeptics (8/3/20) w/ Minion Death Cult

Alex and Tony from Minion Death Cult join host Jared Holt to take a look at COVID-19 pandemic skeptic Alex Berenson and the larger cottage industry of media figures who have found success offering counter-narratives to public health recommendations and media coverage of the disease. Then, the crew examines arguments about coronavirus being passed around the right-wing internet.

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Stories Referenced:

  1. With little clarity on coronavirus, Americans crowdsource how to live in a pandemic (The Washington Post)
  2. An Ex-Times Reporter. An Ohio Wedding Provider. Covid Contrarians Go Viral. (The New York Times)
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  4. An Ex-New York Times Reporter Has Become the Right’s Go-To Coronavirus Skeptic (Vanity Fair)
  5. Elon Musk calls for Amazon breakup after Covid-19 skeptic claims it censored his book (CNBC)
  6. What Alex Berenson’s new book gets wrong about marijuana, psychosis, and violence (Vox News)
  7. Tucker Carlson Tries To Blame Marijuana For Mass Shootings (The Fresh Toast)