Coming soon to Substack

SH!TPOST will be transferring over to Substack in the coming weeks

Coming soon to Substack

Hi everyone, it’s your host Jared, here. Soon, the SH!TPOST podcast will be moving off of Patreon and onto Substack for distribution and listener support. We’ll still keep cranking out the weekly digest for the normal people who aren’t poisoned at the intersection of internet addiction and right-wing politics that we are, but we’ll have a new home at Substack for our distribution.

Coming at this location, you’ll get the weekly episodes you know and love. These will still be distributed for free! But in addition to a weekly episode, you’ll receive occasional newsletters full of my own hot takes on issues of the day and links to content that I deem must-see before you log the h*ck off. Additionally, you’ll still have the ability to subscribe at a premium tier for access to our monthly group chats and some regular bonus content I plan to create. We will never use your email address to send you spam or advertisements (unless we get paid ungodly amounts of money, of course—we live in a society).

We anticipate this transition will be smooth and painless, and you’ll still be able to catch the show at the same locations you did before. We’re excited to join Substack as one of the inaugural podcasts on its platform and look forward to growing our reach in this new venue.

Please add your email address to our books and, if you feel inclined, support the show via Substack! Patreon supporters will see their monthly donations disappear in the coming month.