Announcement: April Break

We're taking a break to plan year two

Announcement: April Break

Hello, SH!TPOST listeners and readers!

I’m writing this to give a heads up that our podcast will be taking a week off at the end of this month to plan and chart some details about the show that will be getting an upgrade and refresh while I move our recording location. We will break after our episode on April 22  will return on May 6 (that’s one missed episode on April 29). I’m very excited about the next phase of the show.

We’ve ordered some new recording equipment and reworking our segment sound packages so that they sound as good as we can make them. We’re waiting on a piece of equipment that is back-ordered and will not arrive until April 24, otherwise we’d get to using this stuff sooner.

Second, we’re finalizing the design of a weekly newsletter for subscribers. This means creating an art package to accompany the writing we’ll be sending you and it means work-shopping which parts of the dispatches will be reoccurring and what will vary edition to edition.

Third, we’re booking some all-star guests to get us going when we reboot.

If you have any suggestions or things you’d like to see regarding the show, you can email us at

Jared Holt